5 Principles of Finding the Force

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Finding the Force - Mission


The goal of Finding The Force at it's first level is to give support to the teachers and the guides of today who have awakened and now have the blessing and sacred duty of sharing their understanding and knowledge.  In short, we are forming a global tribe of like-minded people.


It is important in these times that we learn from each other and begin to flush out the world which we wish to see emerging.  No one else is going to do that for us and I have some easy quick steps for us to grow together.  


We are the people that we've been waiting for - all we have to do is get ourselves a bit organized and learn, let's say, a couple of songs to play together - like an orchestra - once we all learn the basics of the songs, we can take them back to our tribes in our own places and improvise and elaborate on this simple tunes we learned.


These 5 Principles are precisely like a song because you can learn these simple points I like a song, and then embellish, change instruments, teach others...


Each one of us has their instrument (or in other words their beautiful gift) and most of you have fairly well mastered your instrument by now and are beginning to awaken to your higher purpose if not already.


So of course it is your destiny right now to learn the song that we can play together! That's why you are reading this! We couldn't leave it to anyone else because we are the only masters of our particular instrument (or our beautiful purpose in life).. you can't ask someone else to play your instrument for you - you're proud to play it yourself...