Change Your Mind, Change the World: 5 Things You Need to Know to Change Your Mind

5 Things You Need to Know About Changing Your Mind

1) Everything, everything everything is Energy...Thoughts Are Things

When we come here as babies, our minds are not filled with nonsense that blocks us from having what we truly want.  Our energy is closer to the higher consciousness of Spirit, of Source, and we are more Divine beings as such.  Because Thoughts are Things, we eventually begin to make agreements and assumptions that are like energetic blockades.  Pure energy is not limited by such assumptions and difficulties, and it is boundless, eternal and pure like a newborn child...

Energy flows downward through many levels and becomes more and more dense, passing through filters as it flows down.  As it does, those filters, or thoughts and feelings, place a stamp on it, and it becomes something other than pure light.  It starts to take on more and more limited forms and depending on the organizational nature of those filters, it will become a beautiful form or less than beautiful form.

2) Our Inner Worlds Affect the Outer World - As Above SO Below, As WIthin so Is the World

Everyone tends to think that their thoughts and feelings are private and have little value, or importance in the outer world.  Not so.  The amount of inner turmoil we hold, and how we replicate that outside of us also, affects everything and everyone.  And we rarely know how ultimately our good or evil acts end up spiralling around.  When we think and do negative things, or focus on them, we are creating more ripples in the cosmic ocean, and also on our planet.  When we do things to others that hurt them and make them sad, these negativities are passed on.  Everything in this Universe is interconnected, through being made from the same Source Creator.

A more "scientific" way of looking at this is to talk about Holonomic Theory and Resonance.  Holonomic Theory was created when a group of scientists shattered a huge hologrphic image of an elephant.  They expected to find a trunk here, a foot there, and so on, but nistead they found millions of tiny elephants that were exact images of the original. 

Because we are living in a holographic universe, we can apply the same principle.  All matter is related.  When you think or feel certain thigns, it affects your matter, it changes the formation of the molecules of water in your body, and it changes your energetic field.  This has been demonstrated through Kirlian photography.  

What's also true is Resonance...If you are sitting in a room with a guitar and a piano, then if you strike a C note on the Guitar, you will soon find all the C strongs on the piano vibrating.  The sound travels through the air, thorugh space, and as a wave form it affects the strings on that piano across the room without touching it.  So it is with humans too, thoughts create certain wave forms which do in fact travel, and affect other people, other things...Most likely in an infinite fashion.  If you want to do the world a favor, then empty your mind and heart of negativity and worry, and replace it with loving kindness and compassion, beautiful thoughts and feelings.

What we are seeing in the outer world today is also reflected by our Inner Worlds.  There would not be toxic contamination everywhere if we wer enot also toxic in our inner worlds.  That is not to say all you have to do to stop the pipelines is to pray, but if you cannot be there, then you sure can hold a still and positive vision of success, surround the Protectors of the world with Light, and Unite with your circles in Prayer. 

3)  Balanced Geometries Create Beautiful Form

Because form rolls down through the plains of energy, we can use geometries, preferably sacred geometries, to affect the world around us.  Since the beginning of know history humans have been using mandalas and shapes to help them still their minds fro the incessant chatter which is common to humans.  Sound is another way of shifting energy and form, chanting, drumming, singing are much like sacred geometries.

In my case I like to use Art as a tool to shift the world.  When people need a calming, peaceful energy in their home, I design something that creates that situation every time they look at it and take in its form.  Even when no one is home, the light is passing through that Light Art and emitting a field which is beneficial.  

We can see on ancient pottery from Native America and around the world that many artists knew this, and chose to place beautiful geometries on their earth ware, most likely knowing also that the food they stored within would be much safer and healthier.  Either way, being sensitive and less polluted with random imageray than we are in modern times, they were able to sense and feel that these pictures and patterns were just Good, in the sense that they generated positive feelings and sensations.  In the world of Art, that is more than enough.

4) How to Change Your Mind

Its not that easy to get our mind quiet.  Maybe it never was, but nowadays with all the hysteria, the media, teh fast paced world and the stratifcation of the world's resources to exclude 99% of us, it is harder than ever to focus, to release anxiety.

In order to Change Your Mind, what you really have to do is first release everything and become still.  Every day this will require a certain practice, but luckily the information is all out there for us to access.  You can choose yoga, meditation, martial arts, gardening, walking, drumming, sweat lodge, or many other practices.  Apparently one of the modern tools of choice is plant medicine.  I'd like to remark that while holding space for ceremony, I have noticed that we received alot of eager folks looking for a dose of the latest medicine.  Some had already been to trips in the Amazon, across the world, taking medicine of all sorts to opent their minds and release past trauma.

Its not to say that doesn't work, but rather, I would say it only goes sa far if you are not willing to do the daily practie required to remold your neural networks and your physical tissue, which all hold trauma and thoughts and assumptions, as well as the DNA of your ancestors.  Changing your mind is best done daily over time, but fortunately the Universe works in Zeros and Ones.  Yes or No.  Doing your work or not.  When you are, you are.  When you are Not, you are not.

5) Unity Consciousness is the Next Step in Evolution

We did not evolve as a species as we are today, living isolated little lives disconnected from Nature and each other.  We became what we are biologically and spiritually in community.  Whether that was in packs of hunters of 30, or villages with agriculture of a few hundred, we grew up together.  A greatly mistaken concept requoted ad nauseatum from Darwin is that notion of 'survival of the fittest'.  If anyone were to keep on reading Darwin they would soon find out that in a second and more important work Darwin noted that Hu-Mans developed into what we are because of our ability to work together.  We can see that a great deal of the animal kingdown is willing to make sacrifices to help other in its pack, a mother and the other protectors of young will always tak the time to stop and save a struggling cub or pup, and the intelligence of that whole is great than the sum of its parts.

When we come together in Love and Unity, then we become a different kind of consciousness, more likely a different species.  We gain access to higher parts of our brain funcionality, glands are lit up and stimulated that previously were dormant.  The modern human to a large degree has a brain that is mainly asleep, according to brian scans that observe what parts of our noggin are functioning under what circustances.

Meditation, yoga, ceremony, drumming all light up different parts of the brain that are generally inactive.  And the more we use them, the stronger they get, and more likely to become permanently active.  We still have the ancient secrets of the mystery schools of Egypt and the Shaman of the Americas intact, and well we should be making use of these tools in these dark times.

Unity consciousness does not look at gender, it does not dominate, steal, or harm.  It does not take petty issue with others based on small things or on old hostilities.  If we are to Save the World, we will have to Change Our Minds first.  Each and every one of us can begin doing that immediately, and that should be our top priority each day.