Finding The Force: Stepping Into Infinite Possibility

In many spiritual disciplines we are told that the Outer World and the Inner World are One.  That has been very difficult for me to accept in many cases, but a useful reminded of Interconnectedness.  At least, in Shamanic traditions we are taught that we are connected to everything, we are All Relations.  So we know that when we harm another, we are really harming oursleves.  And we also know that our Innate Power comes from our Connectedness.  

If I change myself within, then I also change the outside world, at least on some level.  So, Finding the Force is about that process, the mechanisms whereby we can Change Our Minds.

The preliminary task of setting up the Power Point videos has taken months, and has been quite a lot more taxing than one might think at the outset.  All of these gurus and coaches talking about how you can "Make Millions Overnight" may be exhaggerating (um, a wee bit?).  I have been studying these courses for years, and the platforms and making videos...It is not as straightforward as some might want you to think.  But I know I will succeed eventually if I persist.

Recently, of course because of my artwork and my desire to put myself out there and be of service in evoloving people's cosnciousness, I ran into another spiritual guide.  He saw one of my paintings and was dumbstruck, because he had seen the same thing more than twenty years ago.  In fact for me also it was a Vision of sorts, and urgency that led me to make this particular piece, entitled Turtle Island.

On the back of the Turtle are the Five Races of Hu-Mans.  There is a dot for each race, and also one for each of Man and Woman.  They are all connected in a sort of web, that is reminiscent of a Spider's Web.  They are at the connecting points of the facets on the back of the Turtle. 

Little did I know when I made the painting that this continent, now known as North America (a really unimaginative name), was once known by many Native tribes as Turtle Island.  There is even a wonderful story about how after a deluge similar to that in the Old Testamane of the Chrisitan Bible (Noah's Ark), the Turtle reemerged due to the cleverness and sacrifice of many creatures working together.

For my new friend, this was a huge calling card, because he recognized it immediately as a past vision of his own.  The asme spirit of this continent, Turtle Island, was speaking to us both.  Turtle Island was so important to him that he even made a whole Foundation about Sustainability based on that vision.  When he saw my painting called Turtle Island, he believed that we had to work together.

Synchronocity was definitely at play as we began copmaring notes on our life journeys.  Both of us had spent many years on Sustainability and Permaculture.  Also Sacred Art and the Science of Sound.  Spirituality and Mysticism.  Shamanism.  We even use the same Maya Calendar, of the many different calendars possible.

We decided to move forward together working on some teachings and coaching that we can share on his Online Platform, which conveniently has alrady been made - and even has a Turtle as its logo, of course.

We both have the desire to help others by sharing our knowledge and experience.  So we have begun teaching and created our first "funnel" where people can find out more about the course we are offering by wathcing some videos that we made from slideshows.

Finally we are ready to post our Webinar video, where we share the basic informatoin about how people can heighten their consciousness, raise their awareness and let go of things that do not serve their higher good.  We will see hoe the journey goes, but for now, I have to admit I am looking forward to having more time to myself again for long walks, meditation and painting.

Finding the Force for me is a Journey Within.