Geurilla Garden! 5 Urgent Messages

Over the fall and winter the mix was perfect and the seeds for greens that I threw down sprouted up...  

In order to mimic and model what nature does (which is totally permaculture) I grab handfuls of different seeds and simply broadcast them onto the garden area where I have disturbed or disrupted  the soil some.

This way the plants are able to take hold in their favorite spot which is often nooks and crannies for root vegetables and leafy greens.

I like to grow greens and root veggies together because the root vegetables grow down words and the leafy greens grow upwards primarily.  This way when the greens die off the root vegetables can grow and also when the greens go to seed they will get large and provide shade so that the root veggies don't get burned by the hot summer sun.

Once I see which places where the greens and other things grow I simply put down more of that same thing in that area because I now know that they like to grow in that spot.  Permaculture means that we follow nature rather than trying to bend nature to our Will which always does damage and provides less good.

I also make sure to leave as much of the wild harvestable greens such as chickweed wild onions and such.   Many plants work together in order to provide a holistic environment where some place certain elements into the soil and grow and till and others may feet on the same things another plant puts in.

Local nutrition is vital because it has a lower impact on the ozone and pollution because it does not cost any gas plastic or refrigeration to grow Foods in your backyard.

Furthermore we now know scientifically that there is in fact an energy which is Chi or life force which diminishes very quickly as well as the nutritional elements do as soon as a plant is taken out of the ground or disconnected from its Mother Earth.

There is also the element of a relationship with those plants and the earth into nature which causes immeasurable happiness and well-being.  On a scientific level we also know that the pores of our hands and the soles of our feet absorb vital nutrients and minerals from the earth.

When we Garden in our own backyard we accomplish five things that are very important.  
1)  you take control of your food destiny and do not allow someone else's hands to control the power of your life
2) The ratio of nourishment to caloric intake it is completely reversed to where you are getting a huge amount of nourishment for a small amount of calories
3) you put a hit on the petroleum economy and reduce your carbon footprint or pollution into the environment by not using gas plastic and electric at the grocery and the major providers
4) you reconnect to a vital force which is nature and the energy exchange as well as the happiness exchange is immeasurable but extremely important
5) you save hundreds of hours of time each year by not having to go to the grocery store as frequently because when you have fresh vegetables and greens growing in your garden then all you need to keep around is dried goods like beans, rice, barley...

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